NJTL Life Skills Curriculum

All NJTL Chapters have free access to NJTL Life Skills Curriculum which utilizes tennis to empower youth with the skills, values and experiences they need to become responsible and successful citizens. Children participate in activities from the GAME, SET, and/or MATCH levels and earn a graduation certificate at the end of the level.

Program providers follow weekly lessons plans that can be delivered in 30-45 minutes on the tennis court or in the classroom. Materials include downloadable versions of the instructor’s manual, GAME/SET/MATCH curricula, children’s playbooks and graduation certificates.

To download NJTL Life Skills Curriculum materials for your organization, please complete this 3-5 minute questionnaire.  Thank you and for more information, contact China Fanning at fanning@usta.com or visit www.usta.com/njtl.



3) NJTL Address

4) NJTL Executive Director (or President/CEO, etc.)

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6) Total # of programming weeks projected in 2012 (select one)

7) Total # of program weeks projected in 2012 that are dedicated to Education/Life Skills Curriculum delivery (select one)

8) Total # of youth participants projected in 2012 (select one)

9) Total # of youth participants that you project will engage in Education/Life Skills Curriculum programming in 2012 (select one)

10) Types of Tennis Programming that will be offered in 2012 (check all that apply)

11) Types of Education/Life Skills Programming that will be offered in 2012 (check at that apply)

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