Air Cargo Carbon Footprint: what the customers need


Throughout 2012, requests were received from all parties in the supply chain demonstrating a growing interest in the carbon footprint generated by air freight:

To address the various requirements, IATA formed an airline working group (the “Air Cargo Carbon Footprint” working group - or ACCF) in charge of defining a common methodology to measure and report CO2 emissions from air cargo. The ACCF is composed of 17 airlines representing the main cargo business models (traditional, cargo-only, integrator) in all regions of the world.

Objectives of this survey

For airlines to properly address their customers’ requirements, they have first to understand their needs. The objective of this worldwide survey is to collect feedback from freight forwarders and shippers and communicate the aggregated results to the airlines. The results will also help the ACCF in defining a common measurement and reporting for air cargo CO2 emissions.

Any questions or comments regarding this survey can be sent to Celine Hourcade, Manager Cargo Industry Affairs at IATA: hourcadec@iata.org

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