Library Training 16/17 - Tell us What you Thought!

The Library strives to provide training that will help you to improve your information skills so that you can find, access and use quality information more efficiently and effectively.

To help us to ensure that our training is meeting your needs and providing you with the skills you need, please tell us what you thought of the training session you recently attended.

Tell us about yourself:



About the Training Course:

3) What was the name of the training session you attended?


5) How did you find out about the training course?

Tell us what you thought about the training course:

6) This training course met my needs.

7) I feel confident that I will be able to use the skills demonstrated following this training session.

8) The level (e.g. basic, advanced,...) of the session was appropriate to my needs.

9) The pace of the session was appropriate to my needs.

10) Was supporting documentation provided?

11) The supporting documentation provided was useful.





Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback with us.  It will help us to ensure that we're delivering the training that you need.

Please visit the Library website to see what other training events we offer!

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