Scholarship Application Form for International Students


Welcome to the online application form to apply for a Scholarship for International students who are not eligible for Fees at EU Rates with NUI Galway 2013.

There is one step in this Application Process:
1. Fill in the Online Application Form, see below.

Closing Date for application to this Scholarship is 5.15pm, by the first Friday in September.

1. Online Application:
Please note that you do not have the facility to "save" the application and come back to work at it at a later stage, it must be completed in one sitting, it is recommended you print this out or scroll down and look at it carefully before you begin completing, thank you.

(Those marked with * must be answered).



3) Gender*:



6) Nationality*:

7) Home Address*:

8) Term Address*:



FORMAT 0876503806

12) Please provide below details of your Secondary level Education*:

13) Have you been offered a place on a fulltime Undergraduate Degree programme at the
     University and have accepted that offer in accordance with the relevant procedures
     of the University and the Central Applications Office*:

14) Please provide information relating to the programme you have been offered 
     and accepted

15) Are you a student from a Non-EU country who has completed at least the final two 
     years of their secondary school studies in Ireland

16) Are you Legally Resident in Ireland*:

17) I declare that the above details are True and will provide the necessary supporting
     documentation to verify the ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS detailed above*.

Please check that you have answered all questions.

When completed, please press "submit" to send your application, you will then see an acknowledgment, so you will know it was successfully submitted.

The best of luck with your application.

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