YAP Exit Interview

As part of our ongoing effort to recruit and RETAIN our valued employees, we respectfully request that you take the time to complete this Exit Interview.  We are interested in examining from a program specific to organizational system level what factors are causing staff to leave, and what we can do to improve the work environment. 

This Exit Interview should take about 10 minutes to complete.


2) Please indicate your Region.


4) Please indicate your position by checking the box that most closely reflects your position, and then specify your title in the comments box below.

5) Please indicate your hire date by checking the box below that most closely captures your hire date, and then specify your hire date in the Comments Box below.


7) What was the primary reason that made you decide to leave your current job?  You may elaborate in the Comments Box below on your response.

8) If any, what were the secondary reasons that made you decide to leave your current job?  You may select multiple responses, and elaborate on your thoughts in the comments box below.



11) Do you feel training opportunities were made available to you?

12) Do you feel your current supervisor was fair and reasonable?  If not, please explain in the comments box below.

13) Do you think your current supervisor was supportive in providing you with mentoring, coaching, and/or feedback to help you succeed in achieving your performance goals?

14) Do you believe that you were given access to and realistic consideration for promotional opportunities within the organization?

15) Did you feel that your contributions were appreciated by your supervisor and others?

16) Did you have the appropriate equipment and resources necessary to perform your job?

17) Was your salary satisfactory for the job that you were performing?

18) Were you satisfied with the employee benefits provided?  If not, please explain below.

19) Was the physical working environment comfortable and conducive to productivity?

20) Was the job realistically presented to you when you were hired or most recently changed positions?




24) May we contact you with any additional questions or for clarification or elaboration on your responses?  If you selected yes, please put your email address and phone number in the comments box below.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.  We wish you much success in your future, and thank you for your contributions to our youth and family during your tenure here!

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