The Pulse of Manufacturing: The Internet of Things

Please complete our 1 minute survey. Tell us how the Internet of Things (machines and process connected through IT systems) and machine-to-machine integration are used in your manufacturing and supply chain operations. Then, register for the Pulse of Manufacturing webinar, August 29, to see how your answers compare to those of your peers. And, visit our blog Manufacturing Matters August 30 for complete survey results.

1) Which of the following examples, if any, of machine monitoring do you currently utilize?

2) Which, if any, of these tasks do you use robotics or automated equipment to manage?

3) Which, if any, of these concepts are you most likely to add into your operations in the next 12 months?

4) Are your customers requiring more made-to-order products with shorter time frames?

5) What is the primary driver for you to use the Internet of Things technologies?

6) Are your internal systems capable of supporting technologies from the Internet of Things?

7) How quickly do you plan to ramp the technologies into your manufacturing?

8) Do you feel confident that your current supply chain processes and/or logistics providers adapt to your changing use of these technologies?

9) Is your existing workforce capable of incorporating the Internet of Things into your manufacturing and supply chain?

10) What is your primary source for evaluating new technologies to incorporate into your business?

Please tell us about your organization

11) Your vertical industry?

12) Annual sales revenue

13) Number of employees

14) Your role

Reigster for our webinar:

The Internet of Things: its impact on manufacturing and preparing your IT infrastructure.

Final survey results will be posted on our Manufacturing Matters blog on August 30th.

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