Frontier Airlines starts service at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport on Friday, promising fliers a new choice and low-cost service. But bad behavior inside the cabin can make the difference for fliers, too. How do you respond to space hogs, nonstop seatmates or screaming children? A new survey by Travel Leaders Group sheds light on fliers nationally. Take the survey yourself:

1) If you are seated in the middle seat on a plane and the people on either side of you staked out the armrests, what would you do?

2) If the person in the airline seat in front of you invaded your personal space with an article of clothing and/or their hair so it was directly in front of you, what would you do?

3) If the person in the airline seat in front of you reclined their seat so much that you were unable to lower you tray table or open up a laptop, what would you do?

4) If you were on a flight next to a person who insisted on trying to talk to you the entire flight, what would you do?

5) If you were on a flight with someone who talked so loudly that half the plane could hear them, what would you do?

6) What would you do if it appeared parents aboard a plane were not making any attempt to comfort/control a screaming child?


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