What are you willing to raise your taxes for?

1) Tell us what you would be willing to raise your taxes for:
Willing Not willing
New playgrounds at Dunham and Pleasant Ridge: $500,000. To replace wooden playgrounds that are in disrepair.
New light poles at Oakley and Schmidt ball fields: $800,000. Bring them up to code.
Renovate Fairview, Filson and Ziegler pools: $3.3 million. Milton Dohoney wanted to close two of these, but council keeps saying no. So now more money will be spent on them?
Police stations: $32 million total to replace stations in Districts 3 and 5, in East Price Hill and Clifton, respectively. Now, the department has to rent space nearby because there's not enough room for the more than 150 officers who work in each building.
More repaved streets: Smale Commission recommended at least 115 miles a year. Council set the minimum at 100. Last year? 63. One of biggest things residents complain about.
New fleet maintenance facility: $14 million. The current one can't be as efficient as it should be because it's too old.
Riverfront Park: $8.7 million for additions south of The Banks and east of the Roebling bridge, including two fountains, a garden, dock and boathouse. The park has received $22.9 million in city capital dollars so far and more than $41 million in state, federal and private donations. But that amount is almost $60 million less than originally projected. If no capital money is put toward these projects, the area described as "critical" for the city's new "front yard" will be planted with grass seed instead.
New police and fire vehicles: $4 million a year for 10 years. Much cheaper to maintain than older cars. Now, 516 out of 1,034 vehicles covered by operating dollars is out of recommended standards for mileage, age or maintenance. Keeping them up to date is particularly critical for the police department,
Western Hills Viaduct: $11.8 million for design.
City Hall Atrium: $4.4 million. The project already will have been paid for with other money, but next year's capital budget calls for replacing the money authorized this year back into facilities renovation accounts.
Customs House at Lunken Airport: $1.5 million. To facilitate local businesses who use the airport for international travel.
Neighborhood improvements after MSD project in South Fairmount: $25 million. Closing some streets, making one a boulevard, etc.
Building demolition: $2.3 million, to be matched by the state. To take down abandoned and foreclosed upon buildings that are in disrepair.
Music Hall: $1 million to help renovations. An additional $1 million a year for 10 years.
Clifton Recreation Center: $1.2 million to upgrade.
Roselawn Park upgrades: $500,000 to build Reds Urban Academy. Relocation of shelter and two playgrounds.

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