Your Great (or maybe not so great) American Vacation

For some people, Memorial Day brings the promise of a week on the beach or a month in a foreign county soaking up the local culture. But for others, vacation plans are waylaid by financial concerns, or maybe just a desire to stay at home and work on the house. We want to know how you're planning to spend your summer.

1) Are you going on an out-of-town vacation this year?

2) Are you planning a 'staycation' this summer?

3) How far will you travel on your vacation?

4) How will you get to your destination?

5) How much do you plan to spend on your vacation this year?

6) How much are you spending on vacation this year as compared to last year?

7) Will you take your pet(s) on vacation with you?

8) Would you like to take a vacation this year, but won't be able to because of financial concerns?

9) How do you like to pace your vacation?

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