Snow Snob or Winter Wimp?

Not sure, or think you know but just wanna make sure, whether you are a Snow Snob or a Winter Wimp? Take our quiz to find out.

When the weather forecaster starts talking snow, your first thought is:


Driving in the snow is:

So when you have to drive in the snow, you:

You have crashed because of snowy/icy road conditions...

At what point should schools be calling it a snow day?

What will you wear to stay warm?

To clear your driveway, you will:

Would you eat snow?

When the snow starts to melt and the birds begin chirping, you:

If you answered:

Mostly A: You snob! You're annoyed by the overly cautious drivers and the cold-weather whiners who can't recognize the beauty of a snowfall. You'll skip gloves just to look tough, and when you shovel your neighbor's driveway, it's not to do a favor – it's to prove something.

Mostly B: You tolerate snow, and you probably have moments of both wimpiness and snobbishness – but you qualify as neither a Snow Snob or Winter Wimp. Which means you'll probably survive the winter just fine.

Mostly C: You wimp! The slightest snowfall sends you into a panic, and when the flakes start hitting the ground, you find yourself seriously contemplating a move to Florida. You will be mocked by Snow Snobs (and rightfully so), but hold tight, Winter Wimps - it's only a few months out of the year.

Thanks for taking our quiz! Now get out there and have some fun!

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