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By the second quarter of 2013, AACC will invite all community colleges to beta test the VFA Data Tool, where colleges can enter, view, and benchmark their VFA performance measures.

By signing up today, you will:

  • Indicate your interest to beta test the VFA Data Tool.
  • Allow opportunities to share how you are using the VFA at your college; and
  • Ensure that you receive email updates on the VFA.

Submitting this form expresses the willingness of your college to commit to using and promoting the VFA.

To that end, your college agrees to:
  • Use the VFA Metrics Manual to determine what metrics we have the data to calculate, and calculate those metrics.
  • Use the VFA metrics to explore what these data say about our college.
  • Provide feedback to the VFA team about challenges that we have with the VFA resources.
  • Participate in the national data collection for the VFA, once available.
  • Work in your state, when possible, to encourage other colleges to use the VFA metrics and to have VFA metrics adopted or incorporated into any state reporting that you are required to do.
  • Link to or download the VFA logo, video, and resources to your college‚Äôs web site, if appropriate.
  • Inform AACC about the ways we are using the VFA and its data at our college.
  • Be considered as a beta testing site for the VFA tools.
  • Be listed on VFA materials (print and electronic) as a member of the VFA Network and as an early adopter.
  • Receive email on the VFA. [As a registered member, you will start receiving the VFA email updates. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at anytime using the links in the email.] 

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