Financial Aid Fund Application Form for Part-time Students. Semester 1 2017-18

The Financial Aid Fund (FAF) is now open to part time students for Semester 1 2017/18. The Financial Aid Fund is aimed at tackling educational disadvantage by providing financial support to students who require financial support to enable them to fully benefit from their third level studies. It takes into consideration a student’s financial and personal circumstances. It is important to complete all sections of the FAF application form in detail. Please note that before any payments are made confirmation of your personal income and that of both your parents / guardians, partner, spouse (where relevant) will be required. We will request this information if you are deemed eligible for a payment from the fund. Confirmation of income can be by way of payslips, P60, bank statements etc. Six months active account statements will be required in each case. Once the paperwork is received it will be checked against the online information provided by you.

There are 3 Sections in this form; please complete all sections carefully, ensuring that all details are correct, as incomplete or incorrect applications will not be considered. Tá leagan Gaeilge le fail san Oifig. Section A: Eligibility for Application Eligibility to apply to Financial Aid Fund (all students must be fully registered to be deemed eligible to apply for financial aid) Students are only eligible to apply once in the academic year for living expenses to the Financial Aid Fund. Erasmus students are not eligible to apply for assistance under this fund. Guidelines and further information is available on: http://www.nuigalway.ie/student-life/accommodation/financial-matters/financial-aid/ You may appeal the result by emailing financialaid@nuigalway.ie. The outcome of the appeal is final. Support for living expenses is funded by the Student Assistance Fund and the University. Support from the Financial Aid Fund takes into account a student’s financial situation and other personal circumstances. A standardised assessment system is used to determine the level of need and aid. The ability to support a student depends on the size of the fund available, the number of applications, those deemed eligible and the circumstances of the applicants in any given year. Part time students should note the following: • Closing date for the application is 19th October 2017 at 12 noon. • Students emailed the outcome of the decision on their application: 14th November • Please ensure the information you put in the online application form matches the paperwork you will be required to hand in to us if deemed eligible for funding (please see list below).


3) I am currently registered as a part time student (on a programme which is less than 60 credits) for this academic year

4) Are you registered on an undergraduate or postgraduate programme?

5) Please select the type of course you are undertaking:

6) What type of course are you pursuing?

7) Are you a lone parent?

8) Are you an Irish Traveller?

9) Are you a student with a disability?

10) Are you from an ethnic minority / have refugee status / are an asylum seeker?

11) Are you on an Access Programme (school leaver / mature student)?

Section B: Eligibility for Assistance Please note the questions in this section relate to the assessment of your eligibility for assistance (Verification of the answers to these questions may be sought e.g. bank statements, verification of mortgage, P60s, P21s, confirmation of social welfare payments to parents/guardians and applicants, copy of medical cards, etc. In addition, applicants may be interviewed).





17) Do you currently have a medical card?

18) If you are dependent on family support, please indicate by ticking the appropriate box below, the number of your siblings in full-time third level education i.e. post-second level education:

19) Please enter your annual income from any of the following sources . To arrive at this: if paid weekly multiply the weekly income by 52 e.g. €188 x 52 = €9,776; if paid monthly multiply by 12 e.g. €1,000 x 12 = €12,000. Where there is income from casual work a best estimate over the 12 months period is acceptable. PLEASE ENTER NUMBERS ONLY, E.G. 550, 1000 - DO NOT USE EURO SIGNS, COMMAS OR TEXT. PLEASE FILL IN ALL BOXES (IF A PARTICULAR BOX IS NOT RELEVANT TO YOU, ENTER THE NUMBER 0. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PROVIDE VERIFICATION OF THE AMOUNT ENTERED IN EACH RELEVANT BOX E.G. SOCIAL WELFARE RECEIPT ETC.

20) Please select the relevant box below to advise of your parents/guardians, civil partner or cohabitant's gross income (Income includes funds from work, pensions, social welfare etc.)(VERIFICATION WILL BE SOUGHT TO SUPPORT THE AMOUNT ENTERED BY YOU E.G. PARENTS P21, PAYSLIP OR SOCIAL WELFARE RECEIPT, AS RELEVANT). Please only click 'Not Applicable' if you are under 23, single and independent of your parents through estrangement, or are an independent single mature student aged 23+. Verification on relevant details may be sought. Gross Income

21) Section C: Terms & Conditions If deemed eligible for assistance, I understand that I may be asked to submit some or all of the following documentation showing proof of income and proof of expenditure: 1. Confirmation of parents/guardians income (P60, P21 or payslip) if employed 2. Confirmation of applicants income (P60, P21 or payslip) if employed 3. Confirmation of Social Welfare payment to parents/guardians if unemployed 4. Confirmation of Social Welfare payment to applicants (where applicable) 5. Original Bank Statement showing your name, address and at least 6 months transaction on an active account 6. Copy of Medical Card 7. Receipts

22) All the information given is true, complete and accurate in every particular and that assistance from other sources has not been received for the stated purpose/service, which is the subject of this application. The University reserves the right to recover assistance allocated and take disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct should the information supplied by you be found to be untrue.

23) I understand that I may be called for interview in relation (please click yes to agree to this statement)

If you require assistance filling out this form please drop in to the Accommodation & Welfare Help Desk on the first floor in Aras Uí Cathail building, NUI Galway


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