Application for Payment of Fees by Installment - May 2013

Applications will be considered on:

You will be emailed the decision on:

6th May

13th May

20th May

27th May

3rd June

10th June

17th June

24th June


2) Are you registered as a full-time or part-time student (please tick below):


4) Please indicate your student status:

5) Please provide the following information:

6) Are you requesting that your fees be paid in more than 2 installments?




All the information given is true, complete and accurate in every particular and assistance from other sources has not been received for the stated purpose/service, which is the subject of this application. If the information given is found to be untrue your application in the current year will be rendered ineligible and you may not reapply.

By clicking yes, you are confirming agreement with the above statement

Please note students with outstanding fee balances will not receive their summer/Augumn exam results.

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