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Please note that you cannot save and submit this form--it must be completed at one sitting. You should scroll down this page first to see all the questions. There is a 500-word personal statement required: you may prefer to type this in another application (e.g., Word) and then cut and paste in the data to the relevant space below. Thank you.

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  • IMPORTANT: The fee for a single stand-alone module is €850 (this is subject to change at the discretion of the Fees Office).
  • Please note: If you wish to apply for the full Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Clinical Primary Care) (six modules) or the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (Clinical Primary Care) (three modules) please apply at www.pac.ie/nuigalway.
  • Further information on modules can be found here.

Clinical modules

Non-clinical modules

Please check that you have answered all questions. When completed, please press "submit" to send your application. You will then be sent to an acknowledgement page so you will know it was successfully submitted.

Offers for places on stand-alone modules are made at regular intervals throughout the year. If your application has not been acknowledged one month before your chosen module is due to begin, please contact pgmed@nuigalway.ie.

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