Palo Alto Development Center Customer Survey

Thank you for visiting the Palo Alto Development Center Customer Survey.  Please complete the survey below to help us improve our service delivery.

1) How often do you interact with the Development Center?

2) What is your preferred method of interacting with the Development Center?

3) What types of services have you obtained through the Development Center?

4) Have you utilized the online services?

5) Rate the Development Center according to the following criteria:
1 (Poor) 2 (Fair) 3 (Good) 4 (Very Good) 5 (Excellent) 6 (N/A)
Hours of operation
Access to knowledgeable staff
Friendly/courteous/helpful staff
Wait times to meet with staff
Usefulness/quality of informational pamphlets, brochures and other printed materials
Usefulness/quality of information and forms made available on line
Response times for inquiries/requests for information
Initial review time for plan checks
Consistency/Thouroughness of plan check comments
Inspections scheduled on dates requested
Consistency/Thoroughness of inspections
Resolution of problems by building inspectors

6) Rate the overall customer service provided by the staff with whom you’ve interacted at the Development Center:
1 (Poor) 2 (Fair) 3 (Good) 4 (Very Good) 5 (Excellent) N/A (Does Not Apply)
Planning/Zoning staff
Building Counter Technicians
Building Plan Check Engineers
Public Works staff
Fire Department Plan Check staff
Building Inspection staff
Code Enforcement staff
Clerical/Reception staff
Management staff

7) Is there good coordination:
Yes No N/A (Does Not Apply)
Amongst staff at the Development Center?
Between staff at the Development Center and elsewhere in the City?
Between staff at the Development Center and 3rd parties (plan check firms, contract consultants, etc.)

8) Have you accessed any of the following online services?

9) Should the Development Center provide additional services and/or information on line?


11) Should additional services be provided at the Development Center?




15) Contact information (optional):

Thank you for you time.  We appreciate your contribution.